Other Healing Modalities

Visceral therapy
An osteopathic technique reinvented by John Pierre Barral, DO from France. This therapy updates visceral techniques dating back to manual therapies in Chinese Medical tradition. Visceral therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique. Treatment of the visceral organs is indicated if there is limited or no inherent movement either in rate or range of motion. By removing restrictions in the visceral organs the organ function and physiology is enhanced.

Biological dental support for:

  1. Root canal teeth: Biological injections and laser therapy
  2. Abscessed teeth: Early stage: Biological injections and laser therapy
  3. Tooth extractions: Biological remedies, isonosode and laser therapy
  4. Infected tonsils: Biological injections
  5. Periodontitis: Home Care Strategies, topical oral salve, diet/supplement support
  6. Oral Scars: Biological injections and laser therapy

Bioimpedance Testing
Non invasive assessment of lean body mass and body fat as well as cell membrane health, cellular metabolism, toxicity, basal metabolic rate and body hydration.

Vega Testing
Biofeedback to assess organ stress, teeth vitality/infection, galvanism of metals in the mouth, biocompatibility testing of dental materials. Hopefully this will complete the content for now so we can activate the website.

Anything implanted into bone will create an auto-immune disease. The only difference is the length of time it takes.
— Hal Huggins, DDS

Dr. Michael Lipelt, founder and practitioner at Stillpoint Family Health Services received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA in 1989 where he received training in western herbs, one of the tools of Naturopathy. He received his Naturopathic Medical License for the state of Hawaii in 1990 and his Naturopathic Medical License for the State of California in 2004. Note that in 2003 the California Naturopathic Doctors’ Act was passed that permits a Naturopathic doctor to diagnose and treat disease, similar to an MD. Dr. Lipelt has practiced naturopathy now for over 20 years.