Foundations for Health

At Stillpoint Family Health Services (SFHS), we recognize that good health needs a good foundation of the many basics, such as good nutrition, adequate hydration, rest, laughter, joy, good relationships, low stress, and many other essentials. At your first appointment, SFHS will assess your current health foundation by means of an interview, discussion, and review of the 3-day diet diary that you have filled out before you came in, giving us a snapshot of your current state.

At SFHS, we see the foundational element of good nutrition as broader than the type of and amount of food you eat. It encompasses where your food comes from, the sustainability of your food, i.e., the abundance, diversity and availability of your food, the quality of your food, i.e., non-GMO and organic, seasonal adherence, the context of eating such as who you eat with (relationships/community), where you are eating, and what you are doing while eating (e.g., watching TV, arguing), and gratitude. Understanding the connection between your and the planet’s health is part of a good foundation of wholeness and health, a relationship which can serve to reconnect you when circumstances push you into a state of imbalance.

SFHS understands that each of us has different foundational needs and values from otherso and that each person requires an individualized approach to treatment, prevention and support. For example, our philosophy of nutrition in support of good health is achieved through giving you additional healthy choices, encouragement and education instead of a long list of mandates on what you need to give up.

Core Nutrition Philosophy

  • Don't skip meals
  • Eat smaller amounts
  • Eat in season
  • Eat in balance
  • Eat proteins with vegetables
  • Eat fruit alone, and in season

…if you have a strong foundation…then you can build or rebuild anything on it. But if you’ve got a weak foundation, you can’t build anything…
— Jack Scalia