Your first Visit with Stillpoint Health Care


For your initial visit to Stillpoint, you participate with the physician in a patient intake session wherein our patients are asked to share a detailed medical, behavioral and lifestyle history. Each aspect of history brings more clarity to the picture of our patients’ current state of being. Before you receive treatment at Stillpoint, we take note of every medication or allopathic treatment you may be receiving.


Stillpoint has the latest technologies for non-invasive diagnostic tools including biofeedback testing of supplements, dental materials, jaws and teeth and organ function, bio-impedance testing to evaluate lean body mass and body fat, cell membrane integrity, toxicity and hydration. While other practices need to rely on off-site labs to process body fluid samples, we are able to give you instant feedback on your urine and saliva values. 


As you receive treatment you will notice your body responding in a way that is completely different from a body’s reaction to pharmaceuticals and other symptom-focused treatments, however, Stillpoint is careful to respect and cooperate with primary care physicians and other treatment a patient may be receiving. The number of treatments will depend upon your condition, whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, and your general physical vitality. A course of treatment may be as simple as one visit, or it may involve a series of ten or more visits.