Welcome to Stillpoint Healthcare

Sustainable HEALTHCare SERVICES for You and Your LOVED ONES.

Stillpoint Family Health Services (SFHS), headed by Dr. Michael Lipelt, is a full service family practice clinic located in Santa Rosa, CA. Dr. Lipelt uses a broad range of natural health modalities, including:

and others to gently restore and maintain optimum health in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. SFHS uses methods to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities that work together with the body to restore its natural state of balance. Our focus is on supporting the bodies’ inherent healing ability, looking beyond the surface symptoms to find and treat the root causes. We use the least toxic and most natural therapies, educate you along the way such as on low-cost and home practices, and treat your whole person with dignity and respect. 

SFHS understands that health and wholeness of the human body is directly related to the health and wholeness of the planet earth, and so incorporates the philosophies of environmentally sustainable medicine (EMS) and permaculture in our practice, by encouraging you to connect with and to preserve the earth. Your health and the health of the planet that supports and feeds you are unconditionally connected in a mutually interdependent relationship. 

You can use SFHS services either by perusing our website which has a wealth of practical information, make an appointment for a phone consultation or an appointment for a full in-person consultation, where a thorough assessment of your whole history and current condition is taken and support and recommendations are given.

In addition, you may wish to talk to Dr. Lipelt about bringing your family for a visit to the Stillpoint Permaculture Center, in Santa Rosa, CA. You can witness and learn about natural food growing methods, and sustainable energy. In general, deeply experience your sacred connection with the land, in support of community health and wholeness.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.” 
— Thich Nhat Hanh